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6 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Fatter

We often choose to follow trends blindly, without asking ourselves if they are fit for us or not! Even a petite girl with a delicate body without any fat deposits will get lost in an oversize dress, making her look like “big mama”. Also, wearing skinny jeans without “instructions” will …

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Fashion Mistakes Mature Women Make Without Realizing

Women should take care of them at any age. And fashion is not only for young and restless persons. So, for every woman who loves fashion, and love to look impeccable, try to avoid these fashion mistakes. Avoid them as much as you can because you’ll end up looking ridiculous, …

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Top 10 Wedding Outfit Mistakes Men Are Making

Hi there, men all over the world! You were invited to a wedding and you say: it’s simple for me…I’ll wear a suit and tie. Hilarious! Because isn’t very simple as you think it is. First of all, you should read and avoid the following mistakes you make when you …

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