10 Reasons Why Curvy Is Better Than Skinny

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The fact is that there aren’t only thin women on this planet, with an hourglass body shape, although the fashion industry and beauty magazines want to inoculate this fact. Most clothing items are just for thin women, glamour events just for thin ladies, TV media also for thin ladies, not to mention that hiring opportunities on your dream job, most of the time is for a thin body. Although, recently, the plus-size industry began to gain ground, and curvy ladies aren’t pushed away anymore.

Marilyn Monroe was considered a sexy woman with a well-balanced and appealing body. And her curves were desired by most men. She felt great in her skin and we can tell this from the picture in all over the world fashion magazines. So, being curvy is something you should be proud of, and below you have 10 reasons why is more awesome to be a plus-size than a slim fit lady:

1. When you have a few extra pounds, no one has any reason to say to you: “Shapeless woman with invisible breasts and butt.”

2. If you choose your clothes according to your body shape, to highlight your strengths and hide your flaws, you’ll look perfectly. On the other hand, most of clothes look like hanging in the closet on thin women.

3. You have shapes. Most of men prefer curvy women with fuller shapes, to have something to grab in their hands. But don’t go to extremes with your weight.

4. You can diet! You can try all trendy diets: Keto, Rina, Montignac Method or Weight Watchers.

5. You can shape your body nicely if you spend some time at the gym. The best combination is cardio + toning. Gradually, the results after working out will make you shine when you’ll look in the mirror.

6. Well, it better to be healthy, but in case you’ll get sick, your body will have enough resources to fight with the disease. You should be proud of that! Health comes first!

7. Having some extra pounds, wrinkles won’t be visible on your face after a certain age. Not to mention about shaggy skin! You beautiful thing!

8. Sometimes we inherit our weight from our parents. Maybe your mother was curvy too, and this is another reason to love yourself and to accept the fact that you’re unique!

9. I saw a lot of thin women without breasts but curvy women, no way! Of course there might be exceptions but I just didn’t see one. Enjoy your shapes, lady because you actually look like a woman. You don’t need implants or other big breasts remedies.

10. Plus-size women, with voluptuous hips, can give birth to healthy children, without any brain disorder. Why? Studies show that the fat on thighs and hips contains Omega-3 fatty acids. This helps to feed the mother and baby’s brain during pregnancy.

Well, are these reasons enough for you to start enjoying every inch of your body?

Image Credits: Aliexpress

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