How To Look Rich And Fabulous Even If You’re Not!

Many women spend a lot of money on expensive clothes, sometimes just to impress. But the truth is, if you respect several rules, you will see that you don’t need a huge budget to have a stylish outfit and to look extremely sophisticated. You can dress to impress on a budget.

Animal print
This type of print is pretentious, especially if you wear it from head to toe. It’s enough to wear a silk scarf, a clutch, accessories and the effect will be for granted.

The black has different shades. For a clothing item to look expensive the shade should be intense. When black is discolored, the dress, blouse or pants will leave the impression of an old and too much worn item.

Too deep, too bad! A deep cleavage will make you look vulgar, but a delicate one will create a good impression of the one who’s wearing it.

A pair of shoes with very high platforms will look cheap and if they have gems, you can throw them away. On the other hand, a pair of stilettos will shape your leg perfectly making you look luxurious.

Your clothes should have to proper size. A big blouse will leave the impression that you don’t know your sizes or you didn’t have money to buy one on your size. So, wear clothes on your own size to look great in the eyes of others.

This is another case when too much, is too much! And it can damage your image very badly. If you wear discreet elements, you’ll offer to your outfit an elegant and chic look.

There was a time when neon shades were very trendy. Well, is not the same thing when it comes to evening gowns! An elegant dress, in a neon shade will look very cheap. A dark, strong color is more sophisticated and elegant.

Image Credits: Glamradar

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