How To Dress For A First Date?

You have a date with an awesome guy and you want to get his attention, but you don’t know what to wear? Instead of looking like a lunatic through your closet, just relax and calm down. Read the below advice and you’ll see that’s no need to be nervous when you encounter such situation.

When in doubt, choose red! Researchers think that red is sexiest color a woman can wear. A study made on a certain number of men to whom were presented a number of pictures with women dressed in red, were tempted to ask questions with love and affection tint, comparable with men who saw pictures with women dressed in green or blue. And if you don’t want to wear a red dress, you can try wearing at least a red skirt with a black leather jacket.

Choose a dress from a soft fabric that will gentle take care of your body and will catch his eyes. O summer dress from a soft texture is the perfect outfit for any date. The main purpose is to be admired and appealing. Wear such dress with a denim jacket or a chambray shirt and high heels or summer boots.

A first date isn’t the right time to experience a new and bold tendency. It’s more important to feel comfortable what it means to wear clothes that fit your body type and personal style.

On the other hand, if you feel good in jeans, wear it! But it’s mandatory to wear high heels and a nice top! Just be you! Attitude and self-confidence is very attractive!

And don’t wear new shoes, because it might be a slight chance not to feel comfortable. Makeup is also important: don’t try something new, just stick to the basic.

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