5 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Favorite Clothes

We all have some favorite clothing items that we’d wished to last forever. But, sometimes, instead of keeping them in good condition, we end by degrading them. Well, this thing won’t happen anymore if you avoid these mistakes that ruin your favorite clothing items.

1. We don’t take into account washing recommendation written on the label
Any clothing item has a label with washing recommendations that we should respect. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your clothes after the first wash.
Also, sorting your laundry is another important step. Don’t mix your clothes because you can ruin your favorite white t-shirt by making it pink…and you don’t want this to happen.
Sorting has to be done properly given each clothing item fabric and color.

2. Don’t use the right detergent
Another mistake many of us make is using the same detergent for several clothing types. Powder detergent, for example, is not recommended for dark clothes. Dark clothes need special care because they will turn grey in no time.

Use special detergents for each color – one type for white, another for black and another for colored clothes.

Don’t forget to use laundry balm for each wash.

3. Drying the clothes on the radiator in winter
This is a fast method to dry your clothes but remember that this contributes to quick damaging of your clothes, because drying isn’t done gradually.
Also, you may raise the moisture level in the room which favors mold appearance.

4. Too much ironing
Often ironing may destroy the fabric. I know that unironed clothes aren’t very chic, but some clothing items don’t need to be ironed.
A quick trick to give up ironing is to wash your clothes at small speed and dry them on hangers.

5. The way we place them in the closet can ruin their shape
Clothes should be placed in the closet in an airy way, and should be folded not to ruin their shape. Also if you keep them on hangers, be careful to choose round hangers, otherwise it will leave unsightly traces on your clothes. And you have to iron them.

A small secret in arranging your clothes in the closet is rolling them. Cotton t-shirts can be perfectly rolled and put in the closet. This way you’ll save space and won’t leave unsightly traces that require ironing.

Image Credits: RD and Thespurce

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