5 Clothing Tricks To Hide Your Muffin Top

Every woman has features that she feels proud of and some that she’d prefer to keep away from everyone else’s eyes. Fortunately, there are some tricks that can make even the smallest flaw disappear.
Whether you want to hide your muffin top or you just feel bloated, the right clothes have the power to hide your belly or to shape your silhouette the way you want. But choosing them wrong can highlight your flaws that you didn’t even know about.

A cardigan can be the perfect solution to any problem
Wide hips, a big belly and thick thighs can be thinned and elongated easily with the help of a cardigan. Long, knit cardigan is the perfect solution for a sexy and comfortable look, effortless. If your take a look over these sweaters the first thing you notice is the immediate thinning effect of the silhouette, isn’t it?

Volume, ruffles and perfect layering
When you have some extra pounds, it’s true that you shouldn’t wear loose clothes because it will make you look fatter. The truth is that, correctly chosen, loose clothes can hide many imperfections. For example, a baby doll blouse or dress can hide perfectly your muffin top.

Vertical stripes trick the eyes
Vertical stripes will elongate visually your silhouette, making you look thinner. Also oblique stripes on your waist and hips can thin visible these areas.

Low or high waist jeans should be avoided
Anyone look great in skinny jeans if you know how to wear them. The first rule you should keep in mind is that they should have medium waist. Those with low waist will reveal your muffin top, and those with high waist will look horrible on your abdomen.

Right colors can create a thin waist
You already know that black is the color that makes any silhouette look thinner, but before you hurry to fill your wardrobe with black clothes, remember these things. You can wear blouses, skirts or dresses with black prints, but also dark blue, emerald, red or gray. When choosing a strong color, avoid wide cuts and opt for simple and fluid lines that fall naturally on your body.

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