4 Essential Bags Every Woman Should Own

Purses, bags, call them however you want, become an indispensable accessory for every woman, being our right hand most of the time. So, we have to know how to match them and to give them the right place in our outfit. You have to know that a simple handbag can change entirely your look and can stand out the crowd any boring outfit. That’s why we shall have at least 4 different bags in our closet to complete our outfit.

Oversized bag
Oversized bags are among the best innovations in this field because they are spacious and adaptable to any every day outfit. Additionally, women, by our nature, have that strange habit to fill our bags with different things, necessary and unnecessary. And this pattern is perfect for us. It’s important to choose a color that can be easily matched with our daily outfit, from jeans to wide dresses. Although, try not to fill it up because it will lose its charm. Our recommendation is oversized bags in bright colors: brown, burgundy or purple.

Tip: avoid oversized black purses because they are too common.

Even if it was very trendy in the 90’s, we can never tell that the backpack will go out of style. There are plenty models on the market, but we shall focus on that pattern that offers not only space but also elegance.

Tip: match it to a sporty, boho or casual outfit. Don’t take it to a romantic date or at the office. Also choose high quality fabric like leather.

The handbag is already crossing through generations without losing its beauty and utility. This is considered the most versatile bag among bags and we can play with its size between 11 and 13 inch. We can choose a model with a solid handle, chain or strap, it’s important to match perfectly with our style.

A clutch, though tiny, is worn gracefully at glamorous events where elegancy is the dress code. Such a bag, on black most of the times, shouldn’t miss from your closet. It’s true that you don’t have enough space, but your cell, a lipstick and a card should be enough. It may have an elegant chain or thin strap. The biggest mistake you can do is to fill it up or to wear it during the day, at work.

Image Credits: Pursebop

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