How To Match Your Clothing Colors With Your Hair Color?

Every woman knows that it takes time to an impression. You need the right clothes, the perfect makeup, trendy accessories, and the shoes that have to speak from themselves. Besides, you should also consider one aspect: the way you match your outfit with your hair. This is an important tip.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your natural hair color or you dyed it, you have to consider a few tips when you choose the color of your outfit. Usually a simple look in the mirror is enough to realize that your look isn’t exactly what you wanted, but many women don’t know why their outfit doesn’t look good. If you know which colors fit you, depending on your hair color, you can save precious time when shopping, and get rid of frustration when you arrive home.

If you are a brunette, you will look great in cool shades of red, light pink, black, pure white, but also in the colors of precious stones, such as emerald blue or sapphire green. You can also wear orange, yellow, coral and dark purple. Black hair is highlighted by royal purple, blue cobalt or a bright red.

Blondes also have certain colors that benefit them. Warm shades fit perfectly with light hair, so choose yellow, orange, rust shades, beige or chocolate. You can wear navy-blue or light green without problems.

If you are redheaded, the perfect colors for you are earth shades, camel, green, orange, golden and brown shades. Avoid yellow colors that could make you look pale, navy-blue and pink.

Image Credits: Littlethings and Hercampus

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