How To Look Attractive Without Being Vulgar? Great Fashion Tips

Every woman knows that a red dress which follows your body line or a leather corset can turn you into a real sexy bomb. Well, the idea would be to avoid these predictable elements and find other options for a sexy outfit without being vulgar.

Even men don’t like to see you dressed like a cabaret lady, no matter what they say! If you want to steal their heart, you should find seductive alternatives, because there are plenty!

Black skirt – an immortal recipe! You can combine it with the sexiest pair of sandals and you’ll be more seductive than dressed in a short, leather dress.

Statement skirt with top – very cool and terribly attractive attire. You can choose a sporty top made from a technological fabric and a silk medium skirt.

The mix of textures – jersey, tulle and wool – an attractive & cool combination. A mini asymmetrical jersey skirt with a leather shirt and a tulle body could be your favorite outfit for an evening on the dance floor.

Fringe dress with bare back – an adorable option for a retro look. This type of dress will catch everyone’s eye, like a magnet. You can combine it with a pair of sandals with thick heels, just like in the 40’s.

(Hooded) Cape – along with a white shirt, a mini skirt and a pair of fringe shoes, this outfit will definitely stand you out of the crowd. Classical and extremely trendy at the same time!

Silk dress – just like in the 40’s or 80’s. This dress successfully replaces any top-dress, and let everyone’s imagination to work.

High waist flared jeans – wear them with a denim shirt and a pair of velour leather boots. Hot, hot, hot!

Manly pants with a twist – a pair of such pants with a wide cleft on your leg, is an extremely sensual and unpredictable clothing item.

Culottes – if you mix them with a crop top and a pair of high heeled sandals with thin straps, you’ll get an ultra-sexy look of post-modern Lolita.

Baby-doll dress – very serious outfit at first sight, but it’s genuinely attractive. You can match it with a pair of black stockings and black crystal flats.

Image Credits: Bestwallsite

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