Hairstyle Ideas That Slim Down Your Face

You’ve probably already know which are the right clothes to look thinner, and now you have to learn the other lesson, which are the proper hairstyles that thin your face. In addition these hairstyles are easy to make and it will highlight your strengths.

You need some time to get rid of those extra pounds to obtain the desirable weight. And is advisable not to try one of those drastic diets! But if you choose different hairstyles that slim your face, the results are immediately visible. In addition, they will wipe some years off your face.


If you have a round face and you don’t like your chubby cheeks, high-bun is perfect for you because it will make you look taller. The secret lays in catching a part of your hair on top of your head like a bun, and the rest of the hair to let it loose. The bun should have volume if you want to look taller by drawing attention over the forehead and eyes.

The messy ponytail

Are you used to catch your hair in a ponytail? It’s the simplest thing you can do, but is advisable not to stick your hair to your head, because you’ll accentuate the size of your cheeks. Instead, comb your hair on the back, then teased and fix it with some bobby pins. Use elastic to catch the rest of your hair in a ponytail, even if it’s messy.

Wavy curls and plenty volume

You have short or medium hair and hate to spend hours to catch it? The solution? Tease your hair then use some hair spray or hair foam to catch some volume. If it curls, the better. Light loops and volume is the best ally if you want a slim face. In addition, you can make an asymmetrical lateral bang, and trim your hair in layers.

Sideways brides

Not only that they are romantic and will put in value your femininity, but it also helps you to have a thinner face shape. This type of braids fit perfectly in the hot season with loose dresses, and they shape perfectly your face by making it slimmer. The thinner and broader they are, the better. Also, twisted hair on both sides has the same thinning effect. Choose colored hair accessories.

Image Credits: Wassupmate

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