Simple Style Trick To Look Cool And Stylish In 1 Second

If every day you stay in front of the mirror thinking about which style tricks you should try to look cool and trendy, here is one probably didn’t think so far. It is extremely simple and doesn’t require a special shopping session. You only need a bomber aviator jacket or just an oversized jacket and the job is done.

First of all, you need to know that it’s a styling trick meant to give a personal note to your outfit. Don’t try it if the weather outside is horrible and, at the same time, don’t listen to all gossip mouths. Here’s what you need and what you should do to use this style trick successfully.

If you want to look cool just like a street style diva, just leave your oversized jacket to slip easily off your shoulders and wear it with gratitude with some eclectic outfits. Or you can let it slip only on one shoulder.
You need an oversized jacket: a bomber aviator jacket, a Canadian, a denim jacket, a maxi cardigan or simply a parka. Never try this trick with coats, blazers or jackets that are fixed on your body.

Look at the below gallery to inspire yourself from this chic jacket wearing-method!

Image Credits: Popsugar

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