How To Wear T-Shirts According To Your Body Shape

Every woman has in her closet a collection of t-shirts. This versatile clothing item can be match to any outfit, both skirts and pants, and we can wear it to a casual outfit, and also to an elegant one.
However, a few women know that a t-shit should be chosen according to her body shape to avoid some style mistakes.

Small shoulders -> round neckline

If your shoulders are small, then you have to choose a t-shirt with rounded neckline to emphasize this area by creating a bigger effect around this area. This way you’ll balance your proportions.

Wide shoulder -> broad neckline

On the other hand, if your shoulders are wider, you can try to hide this with a wide or large neckline. This will fit harmoniously on your shoulders and it will create a feminine silhouette.

Generous bust -> V-shaped neckline

Women with big breasts shouldn’t cover their bust because it will make it look even bigger. Wear deep neckline t-shirts because it will diminish your bust’s volume! The V-shaped t-shirts are perfect for you.

Small breasts -> round neckline with details

Those small details such as flowers, glitter or pockets are perfect for small breasted women when they choose to wear a t-shirt. They create the illusion of perfectly curved shapes.

Apple-shaped body -> A-shaped cut

If you lost the fight against extra pounds, you should choose t-shirts that flow harmoniously on your body. They have to be tight in the breast area then to become wider in the abdomen area, to hide your belly.

Hourglass body shape -> tight t-shirt

You should avoid loose t-shirts, because they will add volume and you just need to show your perfect shapes, not hide them. Also, you can try to wear t-shirts with high collars for a harmoniously look.

Petite girls -> tied in your waist t-shirt

This style trick should be used especially by short women. Too much fabric can make you look even shorter, so avoid long t-shirts as much as possible. Instead, short or tied t-shirts will elongate visually your legs.

Image Credits: Polyvore

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