10 New Basic Clothing Items That You Must Have In Your Closet This Season

Trends are constantly changing, and it’s not about the white shirt, black dress or denim jacket, clothing items that you must-have in your closet. These are some basic clothing items that you definitely need in your closet in the coming season. These basic items are very chic and versatile that will add a personal touch to your spring-summer outfits.

1. Nonchalant Tied Scarf
Replace chokers with a thin scarf, tied in French style, at the base of your neck. This is an elegant and stylish option that fits perfectly to a deep neckline shirt or to a V-collar coat. You can also tie this type of scarf to a neutral color bag.

2. Oversize Bomber Jacket
The coolest jacket is definitely the bomber jacket. The new oversized pattern will make it perfect both for casual and elegant outfits. This clothing item is very versatile and can be worn successfully with an evening gown and with a pair of flared pants.

3. Army Print Jacket
Army print is as versatile as denim. So, choose a jacket or shirt with this print and you’ll see how easily you can match it with the rest of your clothes.

4. Leopard Print Jacket
Yes, it’s animal print. You will say that it’s very hard to match it, but it isn’t. It will add an elegant touch both to an office outfit or neutral one. Leopard print seems that will never get out of fashion, this coat will be among best investments. Also,

5. Chic Mocassins
From furry to brilliant stones moccasins, this footwear type is the masculine version of flats, making them very stylish for a casual day outfit.

6. Beige Pants
In summer, jeans can be replaced with Chino beige pants or beige culottes. These new patterns will inspire you and they fit perfectly with a white t-shirt and heels.

7. Sport Pants
Let’s remember Sporty Spice and choose wearing this season a pair of vertical stripe tracksuits. You can wear them with a pair of sporty shoes or even a pair of stilettos.

8. High Heeled Sandals
Replace stilettos with a pair of high heeled sandals for a super chic, sexy and timeless outfit! This season will be the most feminine footwear from your closet.

9. Heels And Socks
This is one controversial subject, but if your bold and want to beat-up fashion, wear metallic socks with sandals or heels.

10. Tulle Top
For a sensual outfit, choose a semi-transparent tulle top, embroidered with lace or various applications. It will be perfect for a party outfit!

Image Credits: Jcrew

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