9 Makeup Mistakes That Age You. Avoid Them If You Don’t Want To Look Like Your Grandma!

Makeup is a woman’s best friend! It can make you look differently in a blink of an eye, embellishing your complexion. If you use it correctly, it can make you look younger, but if you use it wrong…oops, it may add some extra years on your face.

So, you better avoid the following mistakes to enjoy makeup benefits:

1. You don’t apply blush or you apply too much
Don’t give up using blush! Some redness in your cheeks can make you look younger and healthy otherwise you’ll look pale and sick. Apply blush on your cheeks by mixing well with a special brush.

2. You apply too much foundation or anti-stack and you’ll get the mask effect
Use the foundation with moderation. You don’t have what to do, because as we age, fine wrinkles start to appear. And the intention is to hide them not to make them visible.

3. Don’t exaggerate with the eyeliner
The eyeliner can define your eyes, but if you use too much it will shrink your eyes and it will make you look older. Apply dark eyeliner on the line on your upper lashes, and on the lower lashes use a light shade to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

4. You’re fixing your eyebrows wrong
Don’t overdo with plucking your eyebrows. Thin eyebrows will make your face look sharper and it will draw attention under the eyes area. You’ll look older and more angry.

5. Too much powder that gathers in fine lines
Use less powder to avoid highlighting your fine lines. Choose a translucent powder for a natural effect.

6. Using an eyebrow pencil of an inappropriate color
Keep in mind that as you age, your hair and eyebrows fade. Use a pencil that fits your skin and don’t draw thick lines.

7. Lipstick wipes away from your lips
The contour of your lips will no longer be as obvious as you age, so use less lipstick or use a contour pencil.

8. Darker lipstick can age you
If you have thin lips, dark lipstick will make them look even thinner, plus that they will lose their volume in time.

9. Too much shiny eye shadow on your eyelids=highlights fine lines
It’s safer to use matte blush, and if you want, you can apply something shiny just in the inner corners of your eyes.

Image Credits: Dfrow

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