8 Style Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid. Choose To Look Classy And Manly!

We all make style mistakes from time to time, but some mistakes made by men are unforgivable. You can see in their outfits the lack of style and good taste!

Here are 8 mistakes every man should avoid:

Socks with sandals – I understand that when it’s cold outside we all want the summer heat, but wearing socks with sandals won’t change the season. If you want to wear sandals so much, you can move to a warmer climate.

Innovations for ties, shirts, shorts, etc. – Say no! Nothing lasts in clothing innovations, nor does it project a stylish image. Avoid smiling faces, hearts, reindeers, clovers, animals, animal prints or other patterns and leave them on the store shelves where you found them.

Great designer brands – I’m sure you don’t want to be a commercial banner. No designer will pay you if wear their clothes with their name or logo on your chest, sleeve, or any other place. Is not very stylish, nor sophisticated! Try being less obvious!

Backpacking at the office – You won’t believe how many lawyers or other business man wear elegant suits with a backpack. If you are not a student or go hiking in the woods, leave your backpack at home. If you need a bag for your gym outfit, buy a good sports bag (there are options with no logo print on them), and if you need something to put your documents, phone, agenda, etc., choose an elegant courier bag.

“Chunky” shoes (with a thick sole) – They were in fashion in the 90s, but these shoes, especially those with a square heel, shouldn’t be worn today. Choose something classic that passes the time test and your shoes will always be in style.

Glamorous or shining suits or shirts – Come on, you’re not a clown, and if you want to go out in a club, there are better solutions for your outfit than a shiny or sticky outfit. Choose a black T-shirt or a black shirt that can be worn with jeans or casual pants and casual shoes.

Loose clothes – Frumpy is the word that will define you when you choose to wear loose outfits. If you are not a hip-hop artist, they won’t look good on you. Choose clothing items that fit perfectly on your body. The most appropriate choice would be to “custom made”, so your clothes will fit perfectly on your body.

Colors that don’t work for you – A blue cashmere sweater that you found on sale, might seem tempting to buy, but if it gives you the sick looks, it’s better to leave it on the store’s shelves. Colors that you wear should highlight your natural features such as the eye color, skin and body shape. Keep this in mind when you want to buy something to wear.

Image Credits: Onpointfresh

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