How To Get Loose Curls With A Straightener?

A bad hair day is a ruined day! When our hair is dry or oily, or simply it doesn’t comb like it should, our self-esteem is very low. Perfect hair can replace any makeup, especially in those days when cosmetics exhaust us. An impeccable hairstyle will always make us shine, even in our worst days. And who doesn’t love loose curls, especially when you can do it yourself in a few minutes?

So, when you’re in a hurry in the morning and your hair isn’t by your side, just “chill it down” with some extraordinary loose curls made with the straightener.

Below you’ll find out the best technique to make the perfect curls with the help of hair straightener. So, you’ll learn that you should divide your hair in three parts, and you shall start the waving from behind so that strands to lean harmoniously on your back.

You should rotate the hair straightener to 180 degrees then slowly go down with it over the entire surface of the hair strand. For more resistant loops, it’s recommended to apply hair spray over each strand while the hair is still warm.

For a natural look, the lateral styling should be done with redirection to the back, and to start from the middle of the hair strand. Each curl should be loosened easily with your fingers, and tap the roots at the end. You can use strong hair spray to finish your hairstyle.

To make sure you don’t miss a step, take a sneak-peek over the following tutorial:

Image Credits: Thebeautydepartment

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