6 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Fatter

We often choose to follow trends blindly, without asking ourselves if they are fit for us or not! Even a petite girl with a delicate body without any fat deposits will get lost in an oversize dress, making her look like “big mama”. Also, wearing skinny jeans without “instructions” will lead to a real style disaster. So, try to avoid these style mistakes if you don’t want to look fatter!

1. Tight-fitting clothing items, worn improperly

If you have some extra pounds you shouldn’t wear shiny tight-fitting clothes because you’ll look even bigger. But do you do when you love tight-fitting dresses? Well, you can wear a molded dress made from soft fabric because it won’t make you look stiffed. You can wear also a fluid coat over to cover your posterior.

2. Oversize clothing items

The first rule you should consider when you are wearing oversize clothing items is to combine them with tight-fitting items. Unfortunately, if you are dealing with extra pounds, this rule doesn’t always help you! But, if you match an oversize fur coat with legging you’ll look like you’ve been “swallowed”.

Also, sportswear composed from hoodies and large sweatpants aren’t a marvelous choice. You’ll fall in “plus size ladies” trap: trying to hide your extra pounds in bulky clothes that create the opposite effect.

3. Poor quality fabrics

Stretch dresses and tights made of synthetic fabrics should disappear from your closet. They will only “point the finger” to your extra pounds!
A high quality fabric dress will touch gentle your body not highlighting your flaws.

4. Bigger size clothing items

And it’s not about oversize clothing items, it’s about those clothing items that are simply too big for you. If a gorgeous dress caught your eyes, but comes on bigger size, don’t buy it! Be patience, you’ll find another one! Otherwise you’ll look like you’re lost between dress’s folds with the extra pounds effect!

5. You wear skinny jeans wrong

We strongly believe that every woman has the right to enjoy a pair of skinny jeans, tailored on her own size! This jeans pattern will always be loved by the female spirit!

But, a fatal mistake is to wear skinny jeans with low-soled shoes, especially if you’re dealing with a few extra pounds. Wear them with a pair of stilettos or a pair of high-heeled boots, and always choose high-waist skinny jeans. They can do miracles with the belly fat!

6. Quilted jacket

We have bad news for quilted jackets lovers: yes, they keep us warm and were very trendy, but they contribute to the most awful style mistakes, making us look fatter than we really are. But if you leave your coat open in the waist area you’ll body will take shape. It’s the best solution for short girls.

Image Credits: Theguardian

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