4 Clothing Items That Can Be Worn At Any Age

Who says that with age you have to give up your clothing style and to ignore fashion trends? Every woman should be feminine, regardless her age, moreover, a fashionable look makes you look younger and giving you energy. And the great thing is that there are some clothing items perfect to wear at any age! You can borrow them from your daughter!

1. Flared pants
Bell flared pants are among every woman’s favorite, because they are very comfortable and easy to wear. If you wear the right accessories, you can add these pants in your daily outfit being perfect at any age. If you owe these pants since you were a teenager, it’s better to keep them because you’ll definitely need a pair after years.

2. Jeans
Jeans are the most versatile clothing piece and should not miss from your closet. If in your 20’s you were wearing jeans with crop tops or low-cut blouses and transparent, in your 50s fit as well, but worn with maxi shirts or sweaters and it’s mandatory to accessorize them properly. For example wear maxi jewelry and sneakers, oversize bags and colorful scarves.

3. Tunic
Tunic is a very popular clothing item, being on top of many ladies choices. This clothing item is in trends since ancient times, of course, being reinterpreted over time, so that today can be worn to almost any clothing style. If you daughter wears it with shorts, than you can wear it with straight long pants. You’ll achieve a youthful look adapted to your age.

4. Pleated dress or skirt
Pleated skirt is still on top of fashion trends and you can wear it no matter what age you have. It doesn’t matter the color you choose to such a skirt, but if you wear it with tight blouse to emphasize your waist, a leather jacket and a pair of platforms you’ll rock the fashion trends. And if you reached you’re beautiful 50’s and you match a pleated skirt with a straight blouse and sandals, you’ll spread joy and youth around you.

Image Credits: Fashionphotographysydney

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