10 Worst Fashion Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Style!

Every woman wants to be beautiful and attractive, and this means that we should emphasize the beautiful parts of the body and hide our small flaws. Well, we often make mistakes when we match our clothes or even worse, we keep the same style for years. But if you avoid making the following style mistakes you’ll feel perfect everyday!

1. Do you think tall women shouldn’t wear high heels?
It’s a bit discriminatory to believe something like that, but many of us think this way. High heels should be worn by any woman, whether she’s tall or petite! Don’t avoid them, because high heels make you instantly a strong, sensual and powerful woman.

2. You buy clothes on someone else’s taste
Not everything that’s new in trends should please your tastes, but sometimes you buy clothes and shoes just because they are new in fashion. It’s natural to be in trends, but it’s better to choose items that suit your tastes. Don’t buy them to show off in public because you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable.

3. You avoid the masculine style
You don’t have no idea how sexy and powerful a woman can be when she’s dressed in a masculine suit. Don’t avoid these clothing items because they get you out of the crowd making you look bold. You’ll draw all admiring glances! But, don’t give up wearing skirts and dresses…sometimes you should take a break and try the masculine outfit!

4. You think you’re sexy if you wear short dresses and deep necklines?
Sexy doesn’t mean you have to drag out your legs and breasts. Most of the time you’ll look vulgar, especially if you choose wearing this outfit at the job! Men like to guess what’s hiding under your clothes, otherwise they will lose interest.

5. You don’t wear accessories at all!

Your only accessories are a pair of old-fashioned earrings and maybe a ring. A big mistake done frequently by women is that they avoid wearing accessories: a watch, belt, scarves, sunglasses, hats, etc. And if you wear them tastefully, you‘ll get out of the crowd instantly by transforming a boring look into a vivid one. Don’t forget! Accessories complete every outfit!

6. You pay attention only on clothes size and not how they look on you!
A big mistake is to wear clothes that don’t fit your body shape! This is because you look only at size and not at their cuts! Our usual size, sometimes, is not for us! You’ll be surprised how a smaller or bigger size can fit you.

7. Matching designer items with “no name” items
Finally you bought that Dolce&Gabbana dress you’ve been craving for? Be careful how you choose to match it with other items, like shoes, jewelry or purse. This type of dress can’t be matched with products bought from a convenience store. Otherwise, you risk being lame and look like a fool.

8. You avoid short haircuts
Many women with long hair never think to change their haircuts and try a different style. And they don’t want to hear about a short haircut. It would be better to change your look from time to time, this way you’ll freshen up your appearance. No one says to try a boyish haircut, but try a bob or pixie haircut. They look amazing!

9. You wear sneakers only at the gym!
Sneakers shouldn’t be worn only at the gym. On the contrary! Take a break regarding your serious outfits and adopt a casual style to feel comfortable: sneakers, a t-shirt or a hood jacket. This is just one example but you can make other clothing combinations.

10. You buy fake designer products!

If you want a Hermes bag, a Dolce & Gabbana dress, Louis Vuitton shoes, you should buy the original products not cheap imitations. And if you don’t have enough money for such a top outfit, there’s no problem! Dress with fashionable and trendy clothes you can afford. It’s better to be yourself than wear cheap imitations.

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