8 Fashion Mistakes That Will Cost You A Fortune. It’s Better To Avoid Them!

Do you remember the “Confessions of a Shopaholic” movie? Leaving aside the exaggerations, we have to admit that every woman had, at least once, this type of experience in her life!

I’m sure that you have in your closet clothing items that aren’t suitable for you, or that you secretly hate, or clothes that you’ve bought in a hurry! Although no one can’t prevent you from falling in shopping’s traps, at least we can suggest you to stop doing certain mistakes over and over, because you’ll ruin your budget! So, don’t harm your wallet or credit cards and listen carefully to the following advice.

1. You go with the…trend!

2. You forget about your personal style

You just love elegant clothing items, but your favorite star looks good in sneakers and sweatpants? Moreover, you have the perfect body! So, investing in clothing items that don’t fit among your other clothing items, it will make a big hole in your budget. And that clothing piece will “sleep” in the bottom of your closet, because you can’t match it with anything!

3. Take into account your lifestyle

Your personal fashion style it’s just as important as you personal lifestyle. You dress daily in sweatpants and sneakers because your job allows that. You spend your weekends in your boyfriend’s arms or in cozy environments or hiking in the woods, but you spend a lot of money on high heels, just because you’ll have time to wear it! And there’s where you money go!

4. Going shopping with your best friends

If you have the same tastes in clothes, but she’s not so wasteful, it’s perfect! But be honest: how many times have you bought an item just because your friend insisted that you look fabulous in it, although you weren’t so satisfied? It’s better to shop alone because you don’t need a second opinion, just to be lucid. So, don’t lie to yourself and your budget won’t suffer.

5. Don’t buy obsessively!

Everyone wears velvet boots and you need to have at least one pair in the closet! Although you love the patterns from the fashion magazines, you simply can’t find one to fit your needs! So, you’ll be thankful with an accessory that is on your own size but it’s visible that is not for you. And this is the way of spending unnecessarily money. As in love, when you go shopping, it’s worth waiting!

6. Buy the cheapest things

No one says to buy only designers clothes, emptying your wallet and credit cards, but avoid buying the cheapest clothing item from the shop. Look at the product’s quality because you’ll end spending money on something that you’ll wear only once.

7. You have no idea of the gaps from your closet

Your shopping sessions look the same: you go shopping with those childish dreamy eyes, buying all unnecessary and colorful things. And when you arrive home, you realize that you can’t match them, so you return at the shop and buy other items to create an outfit. This will ruin you! Invest in basic clothing items like white shirts, a black dress and nude stilettos, that will complete beautiful an outfit.

8. Too much online shopping!

I’m not against online shopping…but when you’re buying exclusively online, without trying first the items and see if these clothes or shoes are right for you, you’ll lose your budget!

Image Credits: Rollingout

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