The Best Skirts For Women With Wide Hips

Most women with wide hips avoid wearing skirts thinking they will only emphasize their flaws. But what they don’t know that wide hips are very sexy and you should show them to the world. The only thing you should consider is: picking the right clothes. Below, you’ll find out which are the skirts that make you look thinner, or on the contrary the ones that highlight your voluptuous shapes!

Choosing the right skirt can be very hard if you have wide hips, but you should avoid: balloon skirt, draped skirt, flounced skirt and tulip skirt. But there are several variations of skirts that will benefit your beautiful shapes and you must have them in your closet!

A-shaped skirt

This is the saving skirt that fits to any type of silhouette, being very elegant and feminine. A-shaped skirt helps wide hips women because it emphasizes their waist making it look very small, and at the same time hiding those annoying hips.

But you have to know how to accessorize the A-shaped skirt, and it works like magic with a shirt or a tight-fitting blouse, and if you have small shoulders choose bare shoulders shirts!

At the same time you should avoid prints because they will add extra volume to your hips. Choose a neutral color skirt and your look will be the perfect one!

Pencil skirt

Pencil skirt is a classic clothing item and it shouldn’t miss from a woman’s closet. It highlights your curves and it visually shrinks, and at the same time it elongates your silhouette, because it’s a must to wear it with heels! So, this is the perfect skirt for wide hips ladies.

This skirt big advantage is that it makes your posterior look “yummy”! And you should have a flat tummy to wear this type of skirt!

Mermaid skirt

This is also a pencil skirt, only longer! It’s an elegant skirt being perfect for women with wide hips. Unfortunately you can’t wear daily this skirt because it’s very demanding! It’s short version, the trumpet skirt can be also worn by wide hips women, emphasizing your voluptuous lines.

Midi skirt

Midi skirt is the one that reaches the middle of your tibia and favors any type of silhouette. For women wide hips, make them look thinner and if it’s worn with heels, your legs will look long and graceful. Oversized women avoid wearing this type of dress, but they can look sensational if they choose the right accessories and a blouse that benefits silhouette.

A woman with wide hips is quite sexy and she never has to listen to those idiotic and absurd beauty standards that make her feel less beauty than she really is!

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