11 Clothing Tricks Small-Breasted Women Should Consider

We all want a small waist, generous breasts and endless legs, but sometimes the reality is “devastating”. But, thank to fashion stylists because they invented these amazing fashion tricks, to hide our flaws and to highlight our qualities. So, let’s enjoy our small breasts, and trick critic’s eyes with these amazing clothing tricks.

1. Wear prints!

Is true prints draw attention over the area they are located, but at the same time their effect is to increase. While big breast girls are advised to avoid vivid prints, those with small breasts don’t have to worry in this regard. They may as well wear a dress with ruffles but also one with lots of prints.

2. Wear colorful items!

Colored clothing items will draw attention from a small bust, leaving the impression of a bigger bust. Use this rule when you’re wearing large sweaters. Orange is the color of summer, but will be useful during transition times, near fall!

3. Take advantage cut details!

Shirts with pockets strategically placed around the chest or buttoned cardigans are a welcome tricks to leave the impression of a bigger bust.

4. Play with sexy elements!

Transparent tops which leave on sight a sensual bra, will draw every man’s attention, being the best advantage for girls with small breasts! Also, lace bras that are very fashionable these days seem to be specially designed for small boobs.

5. Highlight your waistline!

A small, small waist will make your breasts look appetizing. A tight-waist dress will draw attention over your tights and no one will notice that you are an A size bra.

6. Purchase a statement jacket!

A statement jacket (and I just love the pattern from the image) will “invite” everyone’s eyes to stare in different areas than your breasts.

7. Choose rich in everything tops

While girls with big breasts aren’t allowed to wear prints or ruffles around the bust area, those with small breasts should be glad that prints were invented.

8. Bares your shoulders and waist!

The best choice for a girl with small breasts! Blouse with bare shoulders, ruffles and free-belly! Besides the visual effect of bigger boobs, you’ll enjoy the trends!

9. Wear backless items

Your breasts aren’t something you can be proud of? Well, watch your back instead! Because a straight back with silky soft skin will draw everyone’s attention!

10. Relies on a high collar!

Shirts with high a collar have an incredible effect to resize the chest area by elongating visually and offering volume to your body!

11. Wear a deep neckline!

Girls with big breasts don’t wear big cleavages because they risk in remaining naked! Enjoy your qualities and wear a low-cut swimsuit.

Image Credits: Lbmmarker

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