Outfit Ideas For Each Body Type. The Complete Guide!

As much as we would like to have the perfect body shape, we must be happy and enjoy every inch of our body by emphasizing our qualities, instead complaining about our body shape. Each silhouette is unique and clothes can help us to look flawless, if we know exactly what to choose and following some simple rules.

So below we’ve made a list of outfits perfect for each body type.

Outfits ideas for hourglass body type

And the luckiest women are those with hourglass silhouette, because they represent the ideal of body beauty (we all want generous breasts and posterior). If you owe such a silhouette, you must try some outfits to emphasize your shapes and your waistline. Most of the time tight-fitting clothing suits you more than wide clothing.

The most suitable sweaters for you are the tight ones, caught eventually with a belt around your waist to emphasize your slim waist.

When it comes to blouses, you can wear with confidence the crop top, especially if you combine it with a pencil skirt, the perfect clothing item for your body shape.

Most suitable skirts for your body are pencil skirts, A-shape skirts and short skirts.

When it comes to dresses, wrap dress is the perfect one! It highlights your bust, waist and hips.

You should always count on wide leg and straight pants, because they balance the body proportions, making you look taller, slimmer, without compromising your shapes.

Outfit ideas for apple-shaped body type

For this body type, the most important is to emphasize your shoulders and legs to distract the attention from your waist by making it look smaller.

One of the best clothing items for this body type is arched, flared at the bottom, to provide visual volume to your hips and to shrink your waistline.

When it comes to skirts, you can choose A-shaped skirts, because this is suitable for all body shapes, or you can choose a round skirt with high waist, because it makes your waist look smaller, visually.

When you have to choose a dress, remember that you have to hide your waist. Therefore, the most appropriate dress has to be wide around this area. A straight dress can be the best option for you, very elegant and feminine.

And the most suitable pants are those with low waist, because they help to balance your proportions.

Outfits ideas for banana body type

When you have a banana body shape, your goal is to emphasize your waist, to make your hips and bust look voluptuous, because they are too small.

The perfect shirts for you must provide volume in the upper side. So, wear ruffles with confidence.

The ideal jacket for you is the one with elastic at the bottom to stick on your hips. You can find many patterns, casual and elegant, so count on this type of garment if you want to look perfect.

When it comes to dresses you can wear those with clippings in your waist because it makes your hips and bust look wider.

Pants should be tapered, reaching your ankle, because it narrows your waist and makes your hips look wider.

Outfit ideas for pear-shaped body type

To balance this type of silhouette, you must emphasize the upper body and to make it look bigger with various clothing tricks.

The best dresses for you are those that uncover your shoulders, wide down the waist because it makes your hips look smaller, while they, visually, make your bust look bigger.

When you choose a fall or spring coat, pick a pattern that reaches your waist, with a complex print, to draw attention over your bust.

The skirt that makes you look like a diva is the A-shape skirt because it emphasizes the smallest side of your waist and covers your hips.

When you’re choosing your pants, don’t forget that the best for you are those with high waist and slightly flared, that makes your hips look thinner.

Keep in mind these outfit ideas for every body type, and you’ll always be perfectly dressed, like a true fashionista!

Image Credits: 40plusstyle

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