How To Find The Perfect Hat For Your Face Shape

Hats are a must-have accessory this season, so it is essential to know which model suits your physiognomy. When you start looking for the perfect hat, besides trends, you must know your features. There’s a hat for each face shape, and here are some suggestions for you that will help you when you go shopping for the perfect hat.

Hats for oval face

If you have oval shape face with perfectly symmetrical features, then you are very lucky! You are among women that can wear any type of hat. So, take advantage of actual trends imposed by fashion designers, and choose to wear the famous Gaucho hat with brims perfectly round and straight calotte, ideal for day by day sophisticated outfits. You shouldn’t neglect broadbrimmed floppy hats either, because they add a touch of retro to any outfit.

Hats for round face

If you have a round face, you main goal is to choose a hat which elongates your face visually. That means you should avoid broadbrimmed hats, very round and perfectly symmetrical, relying instead on hats with irregular brims, like Fedora hats. Never wear a hat that covers your forehead, you just have to buy short to medium-brimmed hats, which you have to wear it on top of your head to balance your face shape.

Hats for square face

To a square physiognomy of squares are perfect breadbrimmed hats with round caps, because they “sweeten” a little bit your features with their feminine and delicate patterns. Even though we recommend avoiding floppy hats that covers your head too much, we encourage you, instead not to give Gaucho hats, perfectly round with broad brims.

Hats for heart-shaped face

Women with heart-shaped face have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. So, first of all you should avoid hats with broad brims and short brims. And now you’re thinking what you should wear? Well, medium-sized hats, like Fedora or cloche, just like in the 20’s, are the perfect choice for you.

Hats for long face

The perfect hats for such physiognomy, doesn’t have a high calotte, but it has broad brims, preferably flexible, which covers partially the forehead. The perfect choice for you is cloche hats, retro hats, floppy hats, and Fedora hats with medium brims.

An important tip in wearing a hat is that you mustn’t hide under it a bad hairstyle or a dirty hair. When you’re wearing a sophisticated hat, your hair should be perfectly arranged, and the hat should be an accessory.

Image Credits: Mayonews

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