5 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Frumpy

Your personal image is extremely important, and even if it looks extremely unfair, the truth is that a refined look will help us gain jobs, love, and it will always be that ineffable factor to decide our luck.
But, to look “to the nines” it’s not that difficult to achieve! You don’t need expensive clothes to look impeccable, but a bit of extra care of yourself, and a bigger attention to details. A neat outfit worn gracefully will make you look like a ballerina in a crystal globe.

To obtain this goal, avoid the following style mistakes with high potential to ruin even the neatest looks. You must forget about your favorite star’s style or new trends, because these fashion violations will make you look neglected.

1. Wearing just sportswear outfits

Yes, it’s so great to dress into the most comfortable clothing items as possible, making the gym outfit your daily outfit. However, you should know that despite trends and several celebrities, an all sport looks won’t contribute to your mission of style. Is okay to integrate one sport element in your outfit, but match it always with posh items!

2. Falling into oversized trap

Only fashionistas look cool in oversized clothes! Yes, this look can work at Fashion Week or on the red carpet, because these environments allow being in the spotlight, no matter the method you choose in doing this. In everyday life, rarely an outfit with wide and long pants is appreciated: it will make you look like you don’t know your clothes size!

3. You’re carrying lots of bags

Even if we understand the behind reason (you just come back from shopping or simply, you need a lot of things when you go out in society), the reality is tough, but always the same: when you’re carrying shopping bags or oversized handbags you just can’t look neat. Also, you should consider the tiredness you’re going through and the discomfort grimace on your face when you’re carrying all those bags.

4. Your clothes are not ironed

The unhappy relationship you have with the iron it will be perfectly seen on your clothes. Shabby clothes will not honor anyone, even if they are from the latest trends or expensive designers. Before investing in your fashion collection, you should invest fist into a quality iron and ironing table.

5. Your clothes are dirty

Dirty clothes will always tarnish your look. No matter if it’s raining outside or if your washing machine is “dead”. It is unacceptable to go out defying this style rule!

Image Credits: Babyrazzi

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