6 Gorgeous Dresses That Make You Look Thinner

Clothes conquer us by their amazing design, colors or pattern, but also through the way they shape our silhouette. A gorgeous dress that shine’s at its true value on a star or on your best friend, most of the time doesn’t have the same effect on your body. But there are a few dresses that make you look thinner by shaping beautifully your body, and create yourself not just an impeccable look, but one that fits you just like a glove! And if take these advice seriously, you should prepare yourself a response to the following question: “What’s your fabulous diet or what magical exercises you’ve discovered to look so good?”

1. V neckline dresses

V neckline has superpowers, so you should apply this advice when you’re buying a dress. This cut elongates your silhouette by shrinking it visually, and drawing attention to your bust. Even if some women are afraid of tight dresses, most of the time is more flattering than oversized dresses if you’re dealing with extra pounds.

2. Dresses with structured cut

Maybe a loose dress that flutters gracefully behind you can create a fairy tale appearance, but when you’re dealing with extra pounds and you want to hide them, it’s not such great help. Rather, you need an item with structured cut, to emphasize beautifully your waist and shoulders, distracting the attention from those fat deposits. Choose a V-neck opening and you’re saved!

3. Dresses with intelligent print

Believe it or not, this dress is pure magic thanks to a fashion designer! Memorize the winning elements, and search for them in any creation: vertical stripes elongate and thin your body, and in this image are placed in the middle, followed by a light color portion, creating an additional weakening effect. Also, the deep crack is not only sexy, but, again, extremely flattering, raising your silhouette and those long sleeves wipe visually the fat deposits on the arms.

4. Black dresses

You already know that black is the color of elegance and refinement, with thinning effect, as all dark shades. But with a mermaid cut and a lighter color on your chest, to emphasize the bust, outlines the perfect dress for voluptuous women.

5. Strong fabric dresses

Although, dresses from natural fabrics are a real treat for your figure, they have no effect in hiding your extra pounds. But a dress made from a strong fabric, such as spandex or synthetic leather, will shape your prominent curves.

6. Illusion-dress

The so-called “illusion dress” became famous when Stella McCartney dress the voluptuous shapes of Kate Winslet and Kim Kardashian. Tight, with lighter portions on each side, it creates the illusion of a slim body.

Image Credits: Shein

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