The Mistake All Women Make When They Carry A Handbag

There are more chances to find the needle in the haystack than finding the only one thing you need in a woman’s bag.

Whether you’re really organized, and you have a bag with lots of pockets where you keep things sorted into categories, or when you need to find something, you pull everything out and you start to wonder that you found something you were looking for yesterday.

Men think that a woman’s bag is a mysterious place, exactly like the washing machine that “eats” socks.
There may be two extreme situations: the big bag when you’re exactly like a snail, carrying the whole house with you, or the small bag that fits inside only your wallet and phone.

However, your hand bag mustn’t be over loaded because it will be heavy. Chiropractors say that our hand bag should weigh 1% of our weight and to have a wide belt not to hurt our shoulder. And you care about your health this is one useful tip to prevent spinal diseases and back pain.

Another important tip is to move your back from shoulder to another, and the same thing applies when you’re carrying groceries. Keeping your bag only on one shoulder, in time your body will lean to the side you’ve carried the most. And so does back pain appear.

The bag should be the accessory that defines a woman, not the thing that deforms her spine, just because we want to carry all unnecessary things with us.

So, keep in mind: the bag should weigh 1% of our body weight, should have a wide belt, and we should carry it from one shoulder to another.

Image Credits: Realsimple

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