5 Important Advice To Create Your Personal Style. Dress As Your Personality Demands!

Fashion is a way of expression, so try as much as you can not to be like everyone else. Beyond trends and society limits, trying to be honest and creative when it comes to fashion. Keep in mind the following tips to find your style and never let it go, regardless the season.

1. Dare
A well-defined style is that style has no boundaries or limits imposed by others. Dare to dress the way you feel! Dare to combine clothes as you think. Sometimes, the fear of judgment, criticism or being pointed is the one that paralyzes our personal style and makes you look just like everyone else. Moreover, wear exactly the clothes that you love, even if they don’t match your age. Take a sneak-peak at Anna dello Russo, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna are just a few examples that prove this. Fashion has no limits!

2. Don’t take yourself too seriously
Fashion is fun, freedom and the desire to play with your look. Don’t censor yourself by wearing a decent and “good girl” style, to avoid talking behind your back. Dare to wear the exact clothes that you like by matching them the way you like. Let your creativity run wild!

3. Adapt trends
I don’t tell you to be a fashion victim, but I recommend taking a look at each season’s trend. Of course, the secret is to choose the exact close that match your personality, and why not, with your job. Stop buying clothes because they are in trends and better adapt the clothes to your personal style.

4. Be feminine
Whatever your style is, you must learn to put yourself in value. Be feminine and try to balance your fashion style – if your style is casual, don’t wear loose clothes from head to toes. If your style is girly, try to emphasize your shapes without going to extremes: you’ll highlight either your boobs or legs, never both. Choose that part of your body that you feel proud with, and put it in value!

5. Trust yourself
Whatever you wear, the way you wear your clothes is very important. You can wear the most expensive dress, but if the attitude is missing, no one will notice. Instead, you can wear a cheap dress, but with the right accessories, and worn with self-confidence, everyone will admire it. The effect is guaranteed!

Image Credits: Chotronette

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