Fashion Tips Every +20 Should Know. Femininity Is The New Trend

When you’re younger, you are still looking for your style, and most of the time you combine different styles, and you’ll end up looking just like the perfect cabbage! But if don’t make mistake don’t learn, so go ahead and try wearing what makes you feel like a lady! Most girls in their 20’s end up looking older than they really are! And I’m still wondering, why? Show your real age and be proud of it, act your age, be childish and foolish, because you’ll have plenty of time to be serious and to dress up like a mature woman. Discover your style and colors that matches your skin color, and wear them in different combinations.

Casual outfits
Like I said above, you’re young and you have nothing to hide. Therefore, when you find the perfect occasion, dress exactly as you want, without fear! Don’t think you’re exaggerating, this incase if you aren’t! When you’re going out with your friends, shopping or for a walk in the park, try to dress comfortably, in such way that reflects your personality, adding a detail which expresses your femininity, like high heels, a short skirt or a red bag, a top that highlights your waist, a delicate scarf or a silk blouse.

Office outfits
At the office femininity has to go hand in hand with seriousness and professionalism. Give up wearing short skirts or low-cut tops, and choose to wear pencil skirts with ruffles shirts or floral or graphic prints. Because you’re at the age when the word “exaggerate” must define you, don’t be afraid to wear bright colors or high heels, statement jewelry or to dark colors, thinking that will make you look older.

Cocktail outfits
Whatever the occasion – a cocktail party, a night at the club, a wedding – don’t forget to be feminine, especially when these occasions allow elegant outfits! When you’re going out to a club, choose to wear sexy boudoir outfits, and when you’re going to a cocktail party, choose to wear more comfortable outfits, like dresses in nude shades. If you attend a wedding, you can choose one shoulder dresses, puffed skirts with sequins in metallic shades … because sky is the limit – but avoid white dresses, unless you’re the bride.

Image Credits: Glamradar

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