Fashion And Beauty Tricks To Look Younger At 40’s And 50’s

Do you like that kind of photos showing “before” and “after” moments? With people looking extremely beautiful after makeup sessions or diets! You could try to experience this on you. Want to look younger? Change your makeup style, hairstyle and outfits. Take a look over these tricks, and keep them in mind.

Makeup has the power to change completely your image. If you want a fresh, teenager look, don’t use excessive makeup. Contour your eyes with a pencil or brown eye shadow at your eyelashes base. Then fade a bit the color to give a natural look. For brightness and to increase visually your eye, apply bright eye shadow in the internal side of your eye, and under the eyebrow. A dark eye shadow will sharpen your features. Attention to foundation! You must apply your exactly skin tone, and don’t put too much of it because it will accentuate wrinkles. A fluid and bright foundation, will give an air of freshness to your skin. You can choose for your lips a natural lip gloss.

Two aspects are very important here – the haircut and hair color. When it comes to color, light shades are indicated, from brown to blond, especially for those with white hair. A dark hair highlights dark circles, wrinkles, a pale skin and all imperfections. So if you’re brunette, try lighter tones, and if you are blonde choose golden tones, not gray, that makes you look older than you really are. Then, as we age, the hair length must be shortened, because it’s not so shiny and healthy, and split ends will emphasize degradation. After 40 years it’s recommended to wear short haircuts, even with bangs that give a proactive, dynamic and youthful attitude.

Even if you are over 40, you don’t have to dress like an old lady, with long skirts and loose blouses. However, common sense demands that skirts should have a hand above the knee length. Try straight and classic skirts, if you have 40 years or with more sophisticated cuts. Avoid deep necklines, if your skin isn’t as flawless like in your early 20’s or 30’s, and a simple gesture can betray your age, because it will crinkle your skin.

Avoid the crazy temptation to match everything – the skirt with coat and purse, the bracelet and earrings with beads … So did my grandmother. Be playful, daring different combinations, as long as they are tasteful.

Your figure
The last but not the least, we believe that you already know – a person with a few extra pounds looks much older than she really is. Try to drop off some extra pounds because you’ll look more feminine and you’ll wipe a few years of your face.

Image Credits: Makeup4me

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