Top 10 Wedding Outfit Mistakes Women Are Making

You’re invited to attend a wedding reception and you haven’t decided what to wear yet? Well, you shouldn’t hurry and you should keep in mind the following steps not to overdo with your outfit.

Women, if choose to wear a dress with different prints, sparkles and shiny glitter, you’ll look exactly like a Christmas tree, and not like a decent guest. So, you better choose a dress with an appropriate color theme or wedding venue.

2. Or stop! Don’t even think to wear a tight-fitting dress if you don’t have exactly the perfect shape. You’ll look ridiculous and if Cinderella’s sisters are present they will laugh of you, for sure.

On top of vulgarity is to wear a short and provocative dress at a wedding! This is supposed to be a family event, and a woman should look beautiful and decent.

4. If you choose a Herve Leger dress you should be very careful at your underwear. Don’t show them to whole guests. Try to hide them under your dress, anyway.

5. Opulent jewels worn ostentatious. Only if the wedding has Great Gatsby theme!

6. The hairstyle should be very decent, and stop wearing those curls or buns that make your head look like stork nest.

7. Some European tradition says that only the bride and groom should wear white at a wedding reception. The other guests should avoid this color, and try to wear pastel colors. Leave the bride to be a bride.
A second bride isn’t welcome to a wedding.

8. Your purse should look from the same movie as the rest of the outfit. If you match badly the bag with your outfit…it will sting everyone’s eye!

9. Uncomfortable shoes! There are a lot of women who choose to wear those huge high heels and resist wearing them for half an hour. Then they change their shoes with…guess what? Flats or slippers. Why? So, better choose a pair of stilettos that are comfortable and you can wear them the entire reception.

10. Excessive makeup. Well, you’re not on a set or on a theater stage, so stop painting your face. You will look just like those porcelain dolls. Spooky, if you ask me. There are a lot of horror movie with them.

Image Credits: Theknot

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