Top 10 Wedding Outfit Mistakes Men Are Making

Hi there, men all over the world! You were invited to a wedding and you say: it’s simple for me…I’ll wear a suit and tie. Hilarious! Because isn’t very simple as you think it is. First of all, you should read and avoid the following mistakes you make when you dress for a wedding ceremony.

1. You chose the wrong suit size. Is either too large or too small, and this thing is remarkable.

2. Most common mistake is choosing a business suit instead of a ceremony suit. And, yes, there’s a big, big difference.

3. Tie is too colorful. I’ve seen often colors like turquoise, fuchsia, red, froggy green. Awful! Take a second look in the mirror.

4. You’re wearing damaged shoes. Shoes must look impeccable, because they work like business card.

5. The last thing I saw at wedding are light colored shoes matched to a dark colored suit! Why? Leaving fashion rules behind, it stings your eye, honestly!

6. Short sleeve shirt! Your arms should be fully covered. No one, but no one wants to admire the hair grown on your arms. And shaving it, well, that’s not an option.

7. Flower prints shirt or with different ornamental junctions. And if you choose to wear a colored shirt, just a pick a nice color, not intense red. Leave women to wear red at weddings.

8. Tie is too long. A tie should end at two fingers distance above the belt. Take a sneak-peek in fashion magazines.

9. Hello! A handkerchief is gone missing! And I mean the handkerchief you should wear in the pocket next to your coat’s lapel.

10. And when you wear a handkerchief, most of the time has an inappropriate color. You should match the color of the handkerchief with your tie. But you must keep in mind the color of your shirt, suit and shoes. Socks should match too, but choose to wear a black pair if don’t know how to play with colors.

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