7 Worst Outfit Mistakes Women Make At The Office

Each company has its own dress code, which requires wearing certain outfit at the office. If, however, the company you work for doesn’t have a dress code, you shouldn’t dress anyway.

1. Sexy clothes

Don’t dress at the office with an outfit that you can easily wear on a Saturday night at the club. You’ll distract your colleagues attention, and your boss won’t feel comfortable, especially that he will have to tell you to change your outfit.

2. Inappropriate clothes

Office outfit should fit like a glove. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If you like a particular outfit, that doesn’t fits you well, try to “fix it” at the tailor.

3. Too many accessories

When you decide to wear accessories, try using a few, because they can distract the attention of your colleagues. Too many bracelets or earrings will rattle to every move you’ll make. Choose simple and tasteful accessories.

4. Dirty and old clothes

Even if you can’t afford a sophisticated outfit, make sure the one you have to be clean and to look good. You can’t go at the office with something you used to wear for 10 years, discolored or dirty. Take advantage of sale periods to purchase new chic clothes, without spending a fortune on them.

5. High heels

As much as you’d love high heels, make sure you don’t wear them at the office. Try to have Michelle Obama as a model and leave Lady Gaga for the weekend.

6. Smells

Personal hygiene is essential in everyday life, not just at the office. Avoid the embarrassing moments, and use deodorant for your armpits. Another issue is that you don’t have to exaggerate with perfume because your co-workers won’t be able to breathe.

7. Brands

We accept that you want to dress in style but you don’t have to overdo it. Avoid looking like a billboard full of brands, starting with your shirt and finishing with your shoes and purse.

Image Credits: Asksuzannebel

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