7 Fashion Rules That You Don’t Have To Believe Anymore

When it comes to fashion, no one is born learned. Good taste in fashion can be native, but also can be learned and fashion specialist that’s what they are trying to do. However, there are some fashion rules that you should break once in awhile.

Fashion rules changes from season to season, and if you want to be appreciated for your fashion style, you must have personality. Be informed, but always add a personal touch to your outfits and don’t believe everything you’re told.

1. Don’t think that expensive clothes are better
Not always the most expensive clothes are better. There are many cheap shops where you can find nice clothes, so don’t choose the brand always nor think that if you can’t afford designer clothes, you won’t look fabulous.

2. Don’t believe that you’re not allowed to wear certain clothes when you get older
If you’ve past over 40 it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to dress well. If you feel good in jeans, wear them, if you like short dresses, don’t keep them in the closet. Clothes don’t have an expiration date, and if you have the right attitude, you can wear anything.

3. Don’t think that men outfit is just for…men
Male fashion has always been an inspiration for women and there’s no reason not to look, occasionally in your boyfriend’s closet. Neckties, suits male Oxford shoes are pieces worn by women, too.

4. Don’t dress always to look thinner
You shouldn’t choose clothes to make you look thinner just choose the one that suits you. Voluptuous women can look good if they are wearing clothes that highlight qualities.

5. Don’t think that crop-top is just for a flat waistline
Crop-top can be worn also by women with a few extra pounds as long as it suits them. There are so many kinds in stores, that it’s impossible not to find one to suit your figure.

6. Don’t avoid pale colors just because you have bright skin color
Pale pink, cream and white are colors that have a special elegance and you shouldn’t avoid them even if you’re skin is bright. You can wear white from head to toe if you like and if you feel it suits you.

7. Don’t avoid certain color combinations
It is said that you’re not allowed to wear more shades of the same color but this rule is no longer available. The same rule is available for black and navy-blue, perfect for autumn.

Image Credits: Playbuzz

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