How To Match Colors To Look Thinner?

Diets and sports help to have a perfect body, but you can also use clothing to look thinner. See the colors that “melt” a few pounds.

Black is one of the colors that make you thinner, so include it in your wardrobe with confidence. Remember that it’s important the model of clothes you choose to wear, because it’s not enough to have a dark shade it’s also important to highlight your shapes. Black is an elegant color, very temperate, so wear it with light shades.
If you have a few extra pounds it’s indicated to wear dark shaded colors. Besides that make you look thinner, will make you look taller also. Wear with confidence navy-blue, dark brown, dark green and choose the color that suits you best.

Light colors
Light colors such as pink, red, yellow or green you can make you thinner, but it’s not appropriate to wear them from head to toe. Wear a dark shade dress, for example, and put over a jacket in light shade. You can wear with confidence bright colors dresses because you’ll look sensual.

Combine bright colors with dark colors
There’s no reason to choose only dark colors or light shades only when you match your outfits. A combination of light and dark can make you thinner, too. Experiment and choose shades that suit you best.

How to wear the colors and to look good
Wear light-colored clothes underneath the dark shaded clothes for a sophisticated look. A white or cream-colored blouse will look very chic underneath a navy-blue or black jacket. When you have a dark shaded outfit, choose bright colors accessories. A yellow bag or a pair of red shoes will help you stand out.

If you have voluptuous thighs, then it is advisable to combine dark colored pants or skirts with bright shaded blouses/shirts. Wear, for example, a black pencil skirt with a pastel blouse and you’ll highlight the upper side of your body.

Image Credits: Sharfey

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