How To Dress To Hide Your Tummy?

Every woman wants to have an hourglass body, but it’s not very easy to get. Until you get to the gym, you can use a few clothing tricks that will help you look perfect.

Wear the right size pants
If you want to hide your belly is very important to choose the right size pants. Tight fitting pants will gather belly fat around and will highlight exactly what you want to hide.

Give up low waist jeans
Low waist jeans shouldn’t be in your wardrobe if you have belly fat. Better choose high-waist pants, because they cover the fat around the waist. Mom jeans are perfect if you are not satisfied with your waistline, because they are trendy and also look great. Another good choice, are high waist midi skirts. They’re sexy and suitable for any silhouette.

If you have to wear low waist jeans, match them with long blouses
If you don’t want to give up low waist pants, at least don’t wear them with short blouses. Waistline become visible when there is an uncovered space between shirt and pants. To avoid this, wear a long shirt.

Look at your proportions
For belly fat you should choose loose blouses that flow along your body and avoid the molded ones. To keep your feminine curves, match those blouses with a pair of tight pants. Your outfit will be a little bit sophisticated.

Analyze your wardrobe
Don’t be ashamed of your body. Look at yourself carefully in the mirror, and if you’re not happy with your looks, get in action. You can be sexy without exposing your belly. A pair of skinny pants and an oversized shirt looks much better than a crop top and pants with low waist.

How to get rid of belly fat?
If you want to get rid of belly, it’s important to make some changes in your lifestyle. Give up sweets, do sports and don’t smoke. Alcohol consumption also leads to belly fat. You should know that abdominal fat is very dangerous, so keep under control this part of your body.

Image Credits: Citizentv

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