6 Things You Must Do Every Time You Get Dressed

Impeccable outfits aren’t so easy to get as you imagine. It takes time and effort.
Stars leave the house after they receive the consent of fashion experts, that’s why they look great every time. But if we keep in mind a few things we’ll look nice as well when we leave our homes.

Take a picture with your outfit
Sometimes, mirrors lie, so the safest way to see how good you look is to take a picture of you. If there is no one to help you, take a selfie. You don’t have to upload it on Facebook, just look at the photo to see your outfit. If you’re not satisfied with the result than change your outfit.

Before leaving the house, give up an accessory
Coco Chanel used to say that if you want to look impeccable, you need to look in the mirror and give up an accessory before leaving the house. If you have exaggerated with jewelry, put aside a piece and your outfit will look much better. Many women tend to wear too many accessories, so keep this rule in mind to make sure you’re not wrong.

Wear heels in the house
If you don’t wear high heels every day or you have a new pair of shoes, wear them around the house before going out to get used with the footwear. See how you feel, if your feet hurts it’s hard to take your shoes out after you got out of the house. An option is to have a pair of flats with you.

Sit down with the outfit you want to wear
Before leaving the house, test your outfit, not to be surprised. Sit on a chair and check everything: not to show too much skin or be too tight.

Look at yourself in the mirror
Always look in the mirror before you leave the house. No matter how safe you feel in your outfit there’s a chance to skip a few things. See if you like yourself, look at your back, watch your posture as seen from one side and if you are satisfied, you can go out.

Be sure that your underwear…is under!
You can ruin an outfit if you expose your underwear when you lean. Look into the light, see if the fabric is too transparent.

Image Credits: Glamour

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