Celebrity Style: How To Dress To Look Thinner?

Celebrities look flawlessly every time, but this is because they have an army behind them who teach them what to wear and what to avoid. Learn their tricks to look thinner.

A simple way to look thinner is to wear a cardigan or a long jacket, as Kim Kardashian. Thus, you’ll hide all imperfections and you’ll look higher. Don’t think that in spring or summer you can’t do this trick. A long vest will get rid of these problems!

If you have wide hips, flared skirt or a wide dress will imperfections and highlight your waist, the thinnest part of your body. Reese Witherspoon looks perfect in a midi skirt and a denim jacket.

A belt fastened at the waist is the easiest trick to create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette. Christina Hendricks is one of the stars who know to hide her extra pounds.

If you want to look thinner and taller, wear a monochromatic outfit. Don’t limit yourself to black because white has the same effect.

Image Credits: Skeptics

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