How To Stay Away from Bad Shopping Friends?

We don’t know why, but some women are keen simply not to choose the right company for shopping. And this isn’t very beneficial for them. Shopping should be relaxing and to disconnect from everyday worries. And a bad company can spoil this moment. And when we say the wrong company, we’re not referring only to men. Not only men can spoil your shopping mood also your so called friends. So in this case you better choose to go alone. But let’s see how things really are when it comes to shopping.

Better avoid the company of a person who:

-doesn’t love at all to roam the small shops in town or dozens of stores in the mall. Such a person can be an excellent friend when it comes to other things: she can be a good listener, though. She can be that kind of person who gets bored or tired quickly and you’ll be asked to hurry or to discard some of the stores you have in mind when you left home. Rather than argue, it’s better to choose another company when you go shopping.

-it has totally different tastes from yours. People are different, especially when it comes to clothing. You can’t oblige a friend to adore polka dots or floral prints as much as you. And if you choose to go shopping with a friend with a totally different style, you’ll not get an honest opinion when it comes to clothes because their subjectivity will come out. If, for example, your girlfriend hates purple, it will be difficult to recognize how well a purple dress fits you. You don’t want to see her rolling over her eyes, whenever you choose trying a dress or a blouse. It can be downright annoying.

-she’s in a hurry. The effect will be exactly the one that you imagine. You’ll speed up and you’ll end the shopping session or she’ll bail you on exactly when you need her the most.

-she’s not sincere or she’s afraid to call a spade a spade. There are few people who dare to tell you if the clothes you’re trying on fits great on you. And is natural things to stay this way because they intent not to offend you. Therefore, either you are willing to decipher the messages behind euphemisms used by this type of friend or give up her company because although it’s unnecessary.

-she tends to copy you. An admiring friend who will accompany you shopping, will certainly tend to buy the same clothes as you. This is quite risky especially when some clothing items are only one model available. You’ll get to argue who should buy it.

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