How To Dress To Look Taller?

There are some things that are beyond our control as we try to look elegant. On this list appears the natural look that we were born with. You can’t really do much in terms of height or body type. But this shouldn’t stay in the way prevent to look elegant and beautiful.

Let’s take a look at some style tips that can help you look taller with your clothes!

1. Short dresses

This is the best part of being petite. You can wear a short dress without problems! Keep the dress length or skirt above the knees, to make your legs look longer. Avoid heel pencil skirts.

2. Flared jeans

Splay jeans go well with a picky silhouette, creating the long legs effects. These types of denim look good on tall women, but are equally useful for the petite ones, too. A bit of volume at the end of the legs completes the whole picture to look a few cm high.

3. Wear pants with high waist

To elongate your body, or at least to leave a stretching illusion, all you have to do is to wear high-waist jeans, skirts or shorts. They are very useful for girls with short legs.

4. Avoid Capri pants
Capri pants are very trendy and if it’s not for its style it’s for their comfort. But the problem is: Capri pants can make your legs look disproportionate. So why not choose shorts to elongate your legs?

5. Monochromatic outfits

Color and tone uniformity camouflages the height problem. Monochromatic color scheme for your outfit mix well and gives a vertical look. Black is common for a monochrome choice, but nowadays you can choose any color – blue, green, red, brown or gray; just keep it uniform.

Image Credits: Fairyseason

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