How To Match Suits And T-shirts Like Celebrities

Have you ever matched a T-shirt with a suit jacket? Do you like such a match? We admit that we find this match interesting. However, the best combination is between a T-shirt and a suit jacket. This combination is much more suited during spring / summer season. Well, if you enjoy this combination we will present you three interesting combinations worn by celebrities hoping it will be an inspiration for you.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre

Black and white seems to be a safe option for evening events, although it’s always good to risk, as well as Miguel Ángel Silvestre in matching his suit jacket and low waist with a white T-shirt. Is this choice ok for you? Well, we think he made the right choice. But everyone has his own opinion.
Wear this suit with a classic white T-shirt with round collar, which destroys a little bit the dark shade of the outfit. This outfit is worn successfully with a pair of elegant shoes without socks.

Pablo Rivero

This color combination doesn’t actually favors him but you can try because for you, can be suitable. The green jacket is very nice, but isn’t very suitable with that beige T-shirt. It would have been much better if it had chosen a white T-shirt.
These clothing pieces are matched with a pair of skinny jeans and shiny boots. That pocket handkerchief is a very appropriate detail. Too bad that he posed with his hands in his pocket, he marred the outfit.

Martín Rivas

Martín Rivas shows off with the red color as a protagonist. He chooses a shirt and socks in the same color. He preferred leather jacket, a very versatile garment that gives outfits a rebellious touch. He completes the outfit with a pair of roll up white pants with low-cut. The result is a 80’s style.

What do you think about these three outfits that we have presented? Do you think you would fit in? You can opt for such an outfit both daytime and evening and with some imagination you can create your own outfit.

Image Credits: He Spoke Style

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