How To Match Men’s Shoes With Pants

There are hundreds of different shoes: shapes, colors, patterns, styles of all kinds. But which shoes are suitable for different types of pants there? It’s true that in every field are rules that can be broken, but in terms of fashion we must take care because we don’t want to become ridiculous. Apparently it seems simple to match a pair of shoes with a pair of pants. But if you fail in doing this we have some tricks in this article.

Sino pants with shoes

First it must be said that Sino pants, alongside jeans are the most popular and most used clothing item in the world. The best option is to match it with some loafers, and in summer time you can match it with boat shoes: obvious, without socks. You can wear leather or velvet loafers in a shade that matches perfectly with pants shade. In the cooler season you can wear pants with boots.

Joggers with suede shoes

Sweatpants are no longer worn only at the gym. The new trend says that they can be matched so as to obtain a sophisticated look. They became popular in urban fashion. True, these pants are informal, but it can be worn with suede shoes to show off the outfit.

Stripe pants with sneakers

These pants are very popular and can be matched with different kinds of shoes to look good in different situations. Of course, keeping the elegant and convenient style all the way. Among the best combination are Derby shoes with rubber soles, or some minimalist sneakers.

Chelsea boots with jeans

You might say that some minimalist sneakers always fit best with a pair of jeans though, if you want to look tougher, you can choose Chelsea boots. Jeans are that kind of pants that can be matched with almost any kind of shoe. However, the shoe should be chosen carefully because some Oxford shoes with some baggy jeans may not be the best combination.

Oxford shoes with suit pants

These shoes are classy and elegant. Is dark shaded, with laces and the tongue is sewn outside the front of the shoe. You can wear these shoes to an elegant outfit like a suit. Another version of these shoes is Bostonian style, with perforations on top.

Derby shoes

These shoes haven’t got the tongue sewn on front and shoes sides are superimposed on the front. And these shoes have laces or buckles. They are made of different leather types. These shoes are stylish but less formal. It can be worn with suit pants or semi-formal pants.

Moccasins with casual pants

There are shoes without shoelaces, buckles or other type of support. They have a sewn side on the rest of the shoes. This type of shoes can formal or informal, depending on the design. Generally, leather soles are strong and can be used with a casual suit (no tie) or casual pants. The ones with flexible soles are worn with casual outfits like jeans or cotton pants.

Image Credits: BusinessInsider

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