5 Type Of Shoes Every Man Should Own

In most cases we shop guided by fashion or by spur of the moment. Though this is important, we must do shopping according to what we need. For example, men should know that they need certain shoes in their wardrobe for all occasions and some clothes.

Indispensable footwear in the male wardrobe
Of course, when you buy shoes you should like it first. The next thing is to be comfortable and not hurt your feet at every step, although you don’t pay attention to this aspect. But between these two things must be versatility and the ability to be able to select appropriate footwear for every occasion. For this example I want to give the five types of shoes that shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe.

Simple Oxford Shoes

Of course, you can choose a pair with print or perforated, but the simple ones are preferred because they are more versatile and more original. Oxford shoes are originally from Scotland and Ireland and became known to the students at Oxford University from 1800. It’s the most formal shoe of all shoe laces. Those are the excellent classical pair of shoes for a man. They are perfect in every occasion; you can wear it with jeans and also with suits. Formal shoes are a must-have in your wardrobe. They can wear them at meetings, social events, boys night out, cocktails or interviews.

Stylish boots and booties

Although boots are not for everyone, and not all men can wear, they can be chosen for the cooler winter months. They are the best choice. Like all kinds of shoes, boots also have different styles. Some boots are more formal, custom made or not. Stylish leather boots offer a range of combinations from jeans to formal pants or suits.

Running shoes or white sneakers

They are in trend. White sport sneakers are the perfect accessory for a casual outfit not only for sport wear. It’s comfortable footwear which fits with any outfit. Every season appear different patterns that we thought we forgot. White sneakers in the purest style, without frills, no new elements. Who doesn’t remember Stan Smith from Adidas? Each brand brings to light again the simplest versions.

Brogue shoes

This shoe lace type has an English seam and decorative perforations in the front. They are classically elegant male shoes, although less formally as the Oxford. You can wear with jeans or suits. Any match. Anytime you can wear. Classical shoes come in black, brown or chocolate leather. However, on market appear more modern versions of other colors and other fabrics.


These shoes are essential for men to make a good impression at work. But not as elegant as Oxford shoes. This shoe type is very versatile, as it can use to go to work or out for dinner with friends. It can be worn with jeans and a sweater, cloth pants or a casual suit without a tie. They are perfect for summer shoes.
There are many types of moccasins. There loafers with tassels, simple or with tongue decorations and with visible seams. In recent years they aren’t fashionable only on black and brown, but there are a whole range of colors more vivid.

Image Credits: Crownhill Shoes

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